Mind Matter is a Fashion partnership dedicate to cultivating the next generation of the industry's talent.

Our goal is to offer our customers the latest trends. There is nothing that excites us more than finding what's new in Fashion and introducing it to our clients.

As a company, we do not try to emulate or take advantage of the youth culture - we are part of this youth culture! We are excited and inspired by interesting people, whether they are our customers or people from our own circle. Their comments are what drives us and make us better.

We don't just live and breath our customers, we are our customers! It is important to us that our clients find the process of shopping at Mind Matter easy, wherever it is as well as fun and exciting.

Our Muse is a strong, empowered woman than feels confident whenever she steps out of the door wearing Mind Matter.

We try to make each piece fit all body types and give all women the chance to feel beautiful. Our products are designed and manufactured in Greece but can be dispatched all over the world.